The worlds a big place with a lot of people. We all eat, we all drink. We are all busy. These moments cooking, eating, drinking and talking are where souls are restored, friends made, ideas sparked, secrets shared, culture defined. Retired Hen wants to bring progressive change to the table so to speak, making the world a stronger and greener, happier and healthier space, one delicious bite or slurp at a time.

Retired Hen is a team. Knowledgeable and passionate about all things food and beverage we are a consultancy, a platform, a space to challenge the norm and a coming together of minds to ask “why”? With respect for nature and harnessing innovation and inspiration, we work on a project by project basis to facilitate business’ becoming more environmentally sound, and happier and more positive for both people and planet.

As a team, we know and love food, beverage and service in all its guises. This is our passion, our focus, our rasion d’etre. We work from concept and design through to the implementation stages of projects. Our remit can be as far reaching and diverse as building and delivering sustainable restaurant concepts, to advising on developing sustainable systems within food and beverage business’, to helping others produce zero waste products or #retaste-ing their waste into new items with value and quality. We do this and everything in between. We know no limits.

As a team we are stubborn, persuasive, challenging, innovative and keen to share our knowledge and inspire our friends and clients. We ARE going to create a better world. Pull up a seat at the table. Join us.